Learn natural self-treatment.

Discover the original Facial Reflexology method...

Dien Chan, known as the original method of facial reflexology, offers us numerous possibilities of natural care without needles.

Its map of fixed points combined with stimulations of the multireflex tools on the diagrams of reflection, allow us to build an infinity of protocols of personalized care.

Very fast and surprising as regards the relief of pains, we obtain deep results by combining our knowledge to reach the origin of the disorder.

Learn to project the diagrams of reflexion on any face to understand better the multireflexology concept.

The huge experience has been accumulated since 2002 by the professors' team of the International School of Multireflexology - Dien Chan (EiMDC) to allow you to learn quickly, with modern educational techniques.

Discover self-treatment by consulting the catalog of multireflex tools. High quality and handicrafted using sustainable methods, they produce fast, complementary results for both health practitioners and natural beauty specialists.
The natural horn is recovered from animals working in farming. No animals are harmed or bred for their horn.

Check our publications to discover the techniques of facial stimulations: books.multireflex.com

To build an infinity of protocol in well-being, care of the common disorders(confusions) and the natural esthetics, please consult the complete textbook(manual worker) of the interactive application of named(appointed) Dien Chan www. Faceasit.com

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