How does Coursington work?

FileMaker-Go, the actualization...

Coursington is an application that works with FileMaker-Go. To be able to work you have to install in your iPad FileMaker-Go, the available free application in AppStore.

Then download Coursington from the private website for trainers of the EiMDC. The application works without internet connection except certain specific fonctions.

Coursington is constantly evolving and if you have already installed it, you can download the update from the private professionnal website.

To inform you of novelties, you will find on this page the journal of updates.

The complete user-guide is available from Coursington. Every screen proposes a button which reaches the specific help. To be able to consult it, you will need to be connected to internet because it is on-line.

Coursington is developed on FileMaker by Patryck Aguilar. The original idea, the interface and the user-guide are intellectual properties of multireflex.

Download FileMaker-Go here
• reach the private professionnal website of EiMDC

Your actualization is here

v27:: 20180520
Possibilité de faire un cours combinant une spécialité et un module.
Présence des élève d'un seul coup.
Optimisation de la fenêtre d'aide.

v26:: 20170705
Adapté à FileMaker Go 16
Détection automatique de la langue utilisateur.