To sell equipment

Cash register, loan of tools, invoicing...

With Coursington you have an absolut control over your sales and even your loans of multireflex tools. Indeed during the course it often happens that we do not have time to wait for the student to decide or fetches his wallet. The ideal thus is to let the tools in loan by annotating them quickly in your Coursington.

It is a modern cash register, by tapping on buttons representing your tools, you generate a ticket.
This ticket can be assigned to the student so that the special prices are applied and to be also able to keep the debt as loan of tool.

All the sales realized during a course will be assigned to this event. What will allow you then to make the accountings.
Knowing that on every event you will create automatically a catalog with what you wish to put on sale and at the chosen prices, you will obtain a control of the stock and the profits.

Coursington also allows you to sell outside a course.